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Who we are
Trimatt is an Italian handcrafted product, created according to its clients’ needs and requirements.
Our bicycles are unique and one-of-a-kind works of art.
Clean and essential lines, precious and refined materials, special and exclusive paints, all embellished by accessories designed and created for you and your bicycle, for any type of need, customization, care or safety requirement. Handmade decorations, precious materials and manufacturing certification highlight the exclusive character of every single bicycle.

Our creation is your bicycle...nobody else’s.

Four ways to be unique...

No limits, always at the center of attention.

No compromises, no limits...
A luxury object to use or a prestigious piece of furniture, why not … hanging like a painting.
Only the best for you and your bicycle!
I am a luxurious animal;
anything superfluous is as necessary as breathing to me.

"Gabriele d’Annunzio"

Life Style
To live, to use, to consume.
A bicycle for every day, built to satisfy all your needs;
versatile, comfortable, sporty, dynamic...
all kinds of solutions to give a soul to your bicycle and to make it exactly the way you want it to be.
Luxury is not a pleasure,
but pleasure is a luxury.

"Francis Picabia"

Make Over
For sentimental people, for those who have memories to relive and a past to share.

An old bicycle, with a glorious past or simply an object with a lot of memories...
a way to keep a good companion alive which you have known for a long time
and will never let you down.
There is no definite separation as long as memories are alive.

"Isabel Allende"

Two brands, one product.

A prestigious gift, an important reward or a new idea to advertise your brand
in a unique way.
I love luxury.
You can’t find it in wealth and ostentation
but in the absence of vulgarity.

"Coco Chanel"